Photography is one of those recreational activities, which everyone loves. In this digital era, where everyone is equipped with a smartphone, or a camera phone, taking photograph is not more limited to some professionals, who have their own photo setup. The concept of photography is changing rapidly over the years, exploring new dimensions with digital equipments and more efficient camera phones. Gone are the days, when people were using rolls and SLRs for photography. With consistently reusable memory cards and digital equipments, photography has seen much accession in the last decade. However, if you ask photographers like us, we will always say, “There is a stark difference between taking a photograph and making one!”

Mushroom is an initiative of some of the Photo-enthusiasts of Bhubaneswar to bring together the people loving the art of photography. Be it students, teenagers, hobbyists or professionals, Mushroom envisages to bring all to a circle of organization to explore and spread the love for camera through a systematic approach. Clicking pictures is just a press of a button, but freezing a moment requires a whole lot of groundwork, patience, dedication, hard work, learning and sharing experiences. We at Mushroom aim at growing together with this admirable art of photography as sprouts under a single umbrella called ‘Mushroom’ to better out experiences and share this art among the admirers of camera. We also intend to explore the depth and expansions of photography through our initiative at Mushroom Circle.

Mushroom originated from the minds of a few professional photographers, who came across each-other through their common interest of photography. Through casual meetings and discussions, an idea germinated regarding bringing together all people with interest in photography under one banner. Gradually the idea flourished with more creativeness minds and the group took its present form – the Mushroom Circle.

Mushroom, in its present form, consists of photographers from all walks of life, professions, regions, and specialties. We are spread across the country, but we ensure to use the collective knowledge to shelter each sprout under the roof.

At Mushroom our primary objective is to create awareness about this incredible art form. We provide a platform where people meet and share their knowledge and experiences about photography to make it better and sharper!

  • To create and promote an awareness and interest in photography among the mass
  • To promote photography as a mean of communication
  • To further the exchange of knowledge and techniques of photography and photography equipments
  • To conduct photographic competitions, workshops, meetings and exhibitions
  • To support the promotion of photography as a hobby or profession
At Mushroom Circle, we take photographs – lots and lots of photographs! We have a wide range of activities for all skill-levels in different genre of photography, with single interest in mind.........Photography!
  • We regularly conduct photowalks on different themes so as to extend exposure for the photographers to share their skills and specialties among the peer group.
  • We have different field tours, outdoor trips and to explore new avenues in photography with experienced photographers.
  • We undertake photo critique sessions in order to analyze photographs and improve them.
  • We conduct educational seminars, workshops in regular intervals for our Members and general public.
The following members are among those flag-bearers of the idea of Mushroom Circle:
The idea of becoming a photographer never had crossed his mind, not until very late in life when digital technology had set in.

A self taught wildlife photographer and a lover of nature since childhood, his photographic explorations showcase the varied creations of God in their truest form and in their natural habitat. He especially enjoys macro photography concerning wildlife because that is something that has the finest details and colors when one gets close. Miniature lives of insects, bugs and worms, which are often ignored by a normal person, can showcase the finest graphical distribution of colors that one can hardly imagine of. He automatically leaned towards respecting this form of photography and has been doing this since long.

In his words, “If there is a theme to my work, it’s that I tend to photograph living things. Nature and wildlife brings-forth graceful stories and I try to capture it in their truest essence. The bottom line is nature produces beauty and this comes in all shapes and sizes. Everywhere around you find so many varieties of animal species, insects, bugs, flies and many more. I walk to work in the morning and look at the sky, it is different every day, and each day is different than any previous. You never know what you may stumble upon but that is only possible when you walk the road where the path is off track. The trees, animals and flowers are similarly intricate in their makeup, a glorious combination of form and color, perfected over millions of years.”
He is into photography for more than 20 years. He started his photography when he was in 8th standard in school, when his father gifted him a roll-camera (the most popular one before the arrival of digital photography). He used to buy camera-rolls from his savings and pocket money. The idea of photography grew as a passion inside him and he pursued Cinematography in Biju Patnaik Film & Television Institute – the best institute in Odisha and one of the best in the country. After successfully completing the course he joined different Media Houses and excelled with experience and exposure.

Since last 10 years, he has been working with Doordarshan - the National Broadcaster. He has done Cinematography for a huge number of famous national and local TV Serial, TV Programs. He has also cinematographed video visuals on well-known Artists and famous personalities of Odisha and India for the national broadcaster. As an experienced and skilled cameraman, he has also accompanied Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble President of India, on their foreign tours with the media team. He has visited a number of countries in European Union, America, China, Australia as well as many other parts of the world. He has been felicitated with various awards and prizes from different organization for his outstanding contribution to photography. Recently in Feb, 2015 he got an award in the State level Photo Competition on “Community Development and Tourism” and the competition organized by Tourism Department. He is also a well-known judge for many photography competitions in Odisha. He loves to capture emotion of people, street and macro, sometimes wildlife, as well.
An educationist by profession, photography grew as a serious hobby for Jitendra since a very young age. However, it was in 2012, when a friend gifted him a Nikon D3000 and that was the time, when he got more intrigued by the Photography in art form. He had always heard that a single image can tell a complete story. But, after owning the camera, it was the time when the equipment was his-own and the whole world stood as a canvass to draw from. Thus began his journey with his camera. He has been travelling places, discussing techniques, learning from experts ever since and as per him, this has been the best part of his life. Almost three years into photography now, he has also realized that it’s not the photograph that matters but the experience in making it and sharing that experience through those photographs. Forests intrigue people with wilderness but at the same time people learn to love and give its due respect. The idea is same for every subject that he clicks.

In his words, “This is a journey that will continue for a lifetime and beyond. I would want every member in this group to enjoy the adventure and make some wonderful frames in the process.”
Holding a Masters Degree in Tourism, Madhumay has always been passionate about travelling, exploring and being at new places whenever an opportunity arose. However, what intrigues him specifically is the lesser understood world of bugs and insects. He is fascinated by the macro-fauna and has been photographing them for 4 years now. Apart from being a photographer, he is also associated with animal rescue and wildlife conservation in the state of Odisha.

Madhumay holds the credentials of “The Photographer of the Year, 2012” by Alive Creations in a national level competition, Basudha Festival. He is the one to have documented two special species of Spiders, one of them being a first record for Odisha and the other being the second record for India. His work is also published in a German journal of Herpetology and several other publications across regions.

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