CSR Activities Report
World Photography Day Celebration - Mushroom
September 19, 2014 (Friday)
It was again 19th Aug and like photographers throughout the world, the photographers at the Mushroom Circle were also excited about it – “The World Photography Day”. But unlike many other photographers, they did not celebrate it by only clicking nice photographs but they decided to celebrate it with a bigger reason – To spread smile and happiness. To share their joy with, they have selected “Asha Kiran Home”, a place for the people who are rejected by th...
Celebrating the ‘Joy of Giving’ With an Inner Bliss
October 06, 2013 (Sunday)
For the duties and social responsibility, Mushroom Circle united together to celebrate one day of the ‘Joy of Giving’ week among the destitute and less-fortunate ones residing at Sri Anand Ashram (an orphanage and destitute shelter) at Damana Square, Bhubaneswar. It was a planned ambition to spend some time among those less-fortunate ones, who has been abandoned by their society, by their parents and even by the God. It was an unanimous decision to collect as much of essentials as pe...
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