Rules for Membership
1. Any person, who is interested in photography, having a camera (Any DSLR or compact or mobile phone) and interested in sharing his photographs socially (on facebook, twitter, Pinterest) Or, any amateur photographer or photography enthusiast, who requires feedback, advise, encouragement and motivation for photography, can become a member of this Circle.

2. All student applicants need to submit a photo copy of their respective School/ College ID

3.  Photographers or photography enthusiasts will be inducted as members to the Circle with a fees of Rs. 1500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only) per annum. Students up to 10+2 (Intermediate) level will be inducted as a member with a fees of Rs. 750/- (Rupees Seven Hundred Fifty only) per annum.

4. The membership is valid for one year only. Thereafter it can be renewed as per the preference of the member.

5.  Payment for membership dues may be made in person at any of Circle Meeting to any of the Administrators or the Mentors by cash/ cheque. The payment can also be made online by bank transfer to the Account of Mushroom Circle.

6.  As the circle is a meeting place for photographers of all genre and from all walks of life, all the member are expected to maintains camaraderie among themselves and try to help each other to grow as better photographers through sharing of their knowledge, experiences, hands-on training and discussion which, in turn, will help in the growth of the Circle as a strong functional body.

7.  Members are expected to participate in all activities of the Circle and promote it in whatever possible manner. The goodwill and growth of the Circle depends upon the good conduct and participation of each of its member.

8. Any issues or complaints from any of the members can be resolved by the Administrator of the Mushroom Circle. If the Administrator fails to resolve the issue then it can be re-directed to Core-Committee for further action. The decision of the Core-Committee is final and binding to all.

9.    Members without the Membership Card will be barred from attending meetings, workshop and other function of the Circle. A strict code of conduct is followed regarding membership card. Wearing the Cap/ T-shirt is optional but it is requested to wear it on appropriate occasions.

10. The code of conduct of members is important for the smooth functioning. Members are eligible to express their own views/ suggestions/ problems/ issues to the concerned person via mail/ facebook (personal chat only). At no circumstances the members should place their issues/ problems in public forum i.e. facebook wall or any other public media. This is vital for a strong organization. All the issues or matters of concern should be settled down by proper discussion and through proper channel.

11. Any act of indiscipline or misbehavior or any such act, which may not be up to the best of interest of the Circle or its members will not be tolerated and may provoke disciplinary actions.

12. For maintaining goodwill and organizational unity among the members, strict disciplinary actions will be taken for any such indiscipline behavior and the Circle may disqualify the membership of with immediate effect.

13. The Circle will not be legally liable or responsible for any misconduct or offence caused by any members, when he/she takes up projects or assignments for his/ her personal interest diverging from the interest of the Circle/ without written permission from the Circle.

14.  All the members are advised to respect and support the Mentors, Senior Members and other Office Bearers for smooth functioning of the Mushroom Circle.