Benefits of Membership
By becoming a member of Mushroom Circle, you will be a part of a Registered Photography Club of Odisha which itself offers a different identity to any photographer to photo-shoot in different locations.
You can attend Photo-Walks, Outdoor Trip, Field Trips and much more with the members of the Circle.
You will get a platform to showcase and discuss about your photography work for further improvements.
Your photographs will receive critical review by a team of Photography Experts and Professionals through our photo critic sessions.
You can share and gain a lot of vital knowledge from our Mentors and Experienced Photographers as well as from other members.
You can participate and get a chance to win in Photography Competitions along with participating in Mushroom’s Monthly Photography Competition.
You will receive a platform to do professional photography. You can display your Photographs for selling in numerous Photo Exhibitions, which we conduct periodically throughout the year.
You will receive an opportunity to display your photographs in the website of Mushroom Circle.
You can attend our Monthly Meetings, where you can acquire lots of knowledge from our Mentors and Senior Members on various aspects of photography. You can know more about different travel destinations and important places for photography from our travelogue presentations.
If your photo wins the Monthly Photo Competition of Mushroom, it will be published on the Monthly Newsletters, Magazines and in yearly calendars.
You can attend various Workshops free-of-cost on different aspects related to Photography throughout the year.
You will get a website FREE of COST under the Mushroom domain to exhibit your photographs online for global audience.
You will get 10-15% discount on various photography equipments, lenses and cameras from our partner shops.
In near future we are planning to launch a stock photo website for our members where each member can publish their photographs for selling online.
Apart from this, there will be a hoard of other benefits and advantages for all the member of our community....
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